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CrystalExplorer (Version 3.0), S.K. Wolff, D.J. Grimwood, J.J. McKinnon, M.J. Turner, D. Jayatilaka, M.A. Spackman, University of Western Australia, 2012.

  • General Paper on Hirshfeld Surface Analysis:
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Hirshfeld surface analysis
  • Fingerprint plots:
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Fingerprinting Intermolecular Interactions in Molecular Crystals
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Novel tools for visualizing and exploring intermolecular interactions in molecular crystals
  • dnorm and Fingerprint Breakdown:
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Towards quantitative analysis of intermolecular interactions with Hirshfeld surfaces
  • Electrostatic Potental Mapped on Hirshfeld Surfaces:
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Electrostatic potentials mapped on Hirshfeld surfaces provide direct insight into intermolecular interactions in crystals
  • Voids in crystals:
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Visualisation and characterisation of voids in crystalline materials